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Partnerships for Raising Opportunity in Neighborhoods (PRO Neighborhoods) is a $125 million, five-year initiative to provide communities with the capital and tools they need to support locally-driven solutions and address key drivers of inequality across the country. JPMorgan Chase recognizes that thriving neighborhoods are critical to the long-term economic success of individuals, communities and cities.

At a time when economic growth is often directed toward reviving commercial corridors and downtowns, many neighborhoods, families and small business owners are being left behind. As several key barriers to economic mobility are rooted in neighborhood conditions, cities need tailored, comprehensive strategies for economic growth that ensure opportunities to prosper are extended to distressed neighborhoods and the families that live there.

PRO Neighborhoods CDFI Competition

2019 Competition closed April 22, 2019

The PRO Neighborhoods Competition will make investments up to $5 million to Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that come together with a comprehensive, strategic vision for the community.


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  • Kensington del Corazón Collaborative


    $5 million award

    • Philadelphia Local Initiatives Support Corporation
    • Impact Loan Fund
    • Financing and Technical Assistance
    • Community First Fund

    Will support small businesses through capital
    and coaching, mixed-use property development
    and pathways to homeownership and affordable
    rental housing options. The mission is to layer
    community engagement, resident, entrepreneur
    and developer capacity building, and
    complementary CDFI products and services.

  • Fresno Community Capital Collaborative for Economic Mobility


    $5 million award

    • Central Valley Community Foundation
    • Fresno Community Development Financial Institution,
      dba Access Plus Capital
    • The Northern California Community Loan Fund
    • Opportunity Fund

    Will help lift Fresno residents and businesses out of
    poverty by turning local neighborhood organizations
    and minority-serving small business programs, who
    are the front line of contact with residents,
    property owners and potential entrepreneurs and
    micro-developers, into pipelines for CDFI lending
    and technical assistance. They will tackle small
    business lending and provide capital for affordable
    housing and community-serving facilities.

  • Brew City Match


    $3.5 million award

    • Local Initiatives Support Corporation
    • Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce
    • Columbia Savings and Loan Association
    • Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation
    • Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation

    Will launch a competitive process through which
    small businesses and property owners will
    receive financial and technical assistance,
    blighted commercial properties become activated
    and vibrant commercial corridors are created to
    attract customers.

  • Claiborne
    Corridor Community
    Development Plan


    $1.1 million award

    • HousingNOLA
    • New Corp
    • Lift Fund

    Will create a unified loan fund to provide a
    range of financing and training to increase the
    production and supply of affordable housing,
    meeting the housing needs for a broad range
    of residents while retaining the community’s
    culture. This includes working with
    small-to-medium, minority-and-women-owned
    construction contractors, property owners and
    developers to build the capacity of local talent.

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Woodlawn Involuntary Displacement Strategy
Lead Partner: Chicago Community Loan Fund
Chicago, IL

Equitable Development in Southern Dallas
Lead Partner: Real Estate Council Community Fund
Dallas, TX

STL Equitable Neighborhood Development Plan
Lead Partner: Rise Community Development
St. Louis, MO

An Equitable Housing Implementation Plan
for the Expansion of South Florida's Tri-Rail Coastal Link

Lead Partner: BHP Community Land Trust/South Florida Community Land Trust
South Florida, FL

Pathways Home: A Neighborhood-Based Inclusive
Development Plan for Upham's Corner

Lead Partner: Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation
Boston, MA

Capital Access Plan for Equitable Development in Southwest Philadelphia
Lead Partner: PIDC Community Capital
Philadelphia, PA

Seattle CID Building Rehabilitation
Financial Options Collaborative

Lead Partner: Chinatown International District Preservation and Development
Seattle, WA

Affordable Housing Preservation Planning Initiative
Lead Partner: Jubilee Park & Community Center Corporation
Dallas, TX

North Hartford Neighborhood Improvement Initiative
Lead Partner: Community Solutions International
Hartford, CT

Planning for Equitable Development
Lead Partner: East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority
Baton Rouge, LA

PRO Neighborhoods Planning
Lead Partner: Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Greater Newark, NJ

Little Haiti Community Capital Plan
Lead Partner: Little Haiti Housing Association
Miami, FL

Planning for Small Business Lending Needs
in the San Diego Promise Zone

Lead Partner: Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
San Diego, CA

West End Neighborhood Revitalization Project
Lead Partner: Carolina Small Business Development Fund
Charlotte, NC

Our Stories

Here Comes the Neighborhood

How a new model for local investment has Chicago’s South Side on the move.

How Small Businesses are Thriving Amongst Gentrification

Small businesses are the lifeblood of their communities.

How to Bring Back a Crumbling Neighborhood

Keona Tate saw promise, where many could not.

Economic Stimulus for Often-Neglected Communities

Thriving neighborhoods are critical to the long-term economic success of individuals, communities and cities.

Bridging the Divide in Washington D.C.

Will a $50 million elevated park unite Capitol Hill and Anacostia?

PRO Neighborhoods & Partners
Work To

barrier to economic opportunity icon

Affordable Housing

Acquire and refurbish affordable housing so that more families can put down roots.

community development icon

Thriving Local Businesses

Develop retail centers, invest in small businesses and support minority and women entrepreneurs.

Fund education initiatives icon

Community Services

Fund childcare centers and health clinics so families can access critical services close to home.

fund childcare centers icon

Healthy Food

Finance the development of affordable grocery stores so families won't have to travel far for good nutrition.

invest in apprenticeships icon

Access to Education

Invest in training and apprenticeship programs as well as charter schools.

restore neighborhood beauty icon

Banishing Blight

Restore beauty to distressed communities by removing run-down buildings and rehabilitating others.