Kanav Bhagat

Director of Financial Markets Research

Kanav Bhagat is a Managing Director and the Director of Financial Markets Research at the JPMorgan Chase Institute. Founded in 2015, the JPMC Institute has a public good mission to deliver data-rich analyses and expert insights aimed at helping policymakers make more informed decisions. Kanav has published research on housing finance topics such as the effect of mortgage modifications on default and consumption and the relationship between income, savings, and mortgage default, and on financial markets topics such as institutional investor trading behavior in FX markets in response to policy-related events with unexpected outcomes.

Prior to this role, Kanav had a long career in Interest Rates Trading. He began at Lehman Brothers as a USD interest rates option trader, and then ran the North America Interest Rate Options Trading Desk at Credit Suisse. In 2006 he joined J.P. Morgan in the same role, and subsequently held positions as the Global Head of Interest Rate Options Trading and Global Head of Non-Linear Trading. He then served as the Global Head of Rates Trading at J.P. Morgan, where he managed a global team responsible for the trading, risk-management, and capital management of sovereign debt securities, interest rate swaps, options, and exotics in G10 interest rate markets. Kanav was a key part of the Macro Products Trading Management Team, and has a broad set of experiences across the major fixed income markets. He was also a key advisor to many of J.P. Morgan's priority institutional clients.

Kanav earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business. He is from Silver Spring, Maryland.

Kanav Bhagat, Director of Financial Markets Research - JPMorgan Chase Institute