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At an age of automation and ever-increasing pace of technological change, JPMorgan Chase is preparing for the future of work. According to some estimates, by 2030, more than 30 percent of the U.S. labor market and 375 million workers globally will need to change jobs or upgrade their skills significantly to continue to advance within the workforce1. Building on the original, five-year, $250-million commitment in 2013, our expanded five-year, $350-million New Skills at Work initiative will provide substantial support to community college and other non-traditional career pathway programs.

Our initiative focuses on individuals – including adults and students within the communities we serve – whose barriers to opportunity are particularly acute. By leveraging our data, industry expertise and employee mentors, we are helping people build new in-demand skills, adapt and succeed in an ever changing world of work.

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New Skills for Youth.

This $75 million global initiative aims to address the economic opportunity crisis facing young people. New Skills For Youth will encourage U.S. states to transform career-focused education programs and invest in effective strategies for scaling high-quality skills-based training and education globally.

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Helping people gain the skills they need to compete for jobs can transform — and strengthen economies. That's why we are developing the talent of today with the skills of tomorrow.

New Skills at Work in the US 
New Skills at Work in Europe 
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