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Our mission is to enable more people to contribute to and share in the rewards of a growing economy. We believe that reducing inequality and creating widely-shared prosperity requires collaboration of business, government, nonprofit and other civic organizations, particularly in the cities and metropolitan regions that power economic growth.

We take a comprehensive approach to increasing economic opportunity, using our firm's global scale, talent and resources to make investments and create partnerships in four priority areas: Jobs & Skills, Small Business Expansion, Financial Health, and Neighborhood Revitalization.

In 2017, the firm and its Foundation gave nearly $250 million to nonprofit organizations across the U.S. and in 40 countries around the world, and has committed to invest $1.75 billion by 2023. In addition, last year, 56,000 JPMorgan Chase employees provided 383,000 hours of volunteer service in the communities where they live and work.

JPMorgan Chase accepts philanthropic proposals by invitation only from organizations with demonstrated success in one of our four focus areas. Please note that we do not review unsolicited letters of inquiry or proposals.

ccsso career education

A changing global economy and the rise of technology have dramatically transformed the types of workforce skills that are in demand. JPMorgan Chase is investing over $325 million in skills development around the world. Through New Skills at Work, our five-year $250 million global initiative, we are leveraging our resources, expertise, and global reach to help inform and accelerate efforts to support demand-driven skills training for adults. Additionally, we launched a program to expand skills-based education for young people - New Skills for Youth - a $75 million global initiative to expand high-quality career-focused education programs that lead to well-paying jobs and long-term careers.

The numbers seem to contradict each other: unemployment is high across the globe, while recent data reveals that employers are having trouble finding workers who are trained for the jobs that are available, particularly in skilled labor and professional positions. And more than 50% of global CEOs are concerned that a key skills gap could limit their growth prospects. Through our programs, we are working hard to ensure that people are trained and competitive for the skilled jobs of the 21st century.

JPMorgan Chase is committed to helping small businesses acquire the capital, expertise and other resources they need to grow. Small businesses are the cornerstones of local communities, creating jobs and spurring innovation. We serve 4 million small businesses with CHASE for Business products and services and are a top SBA lender for women and minority-owned businesses.

We also have a long history of supporting small business growth through our philanthropy, where we fund nonprofits that implement innovative models connecting small businesses to vital resources that help them grow. In October 2016, we more than doubled the size of our global Small Business Forward program, committing $75MM over the next three years to connect underserved small businesses with capital, targeted technical assistance and support networks to help them grow and succeed.

Small Business Forward objectives include:

  • Creating and preserving quality jobs for vulnerable individuals and neighborhoods
  • Promoting economic inclusion and opportunity for underserved populations
  • Strengthening local economies

Helping individuals acquire the, skills, confidence and tools needed for financial health increases the resiliency and prosperity of households and communities. JPMorgan Chase supports a range of programs around the world to help individuals manage their daily finances, withstand unexpected emergencies and meet their long term goals. Specifically, we work with partners who apply insights from behavioral science and design to:

  • Identify, enhance and expand the availability of technology-based financial products
  • Provide one-on-one financial coaching
  • Better understand effective strategies to promote financial health
Man behind desk discussing financial topic with clients

Through structured pro bono consulting and mentoring engagements, JPMorgan Chase employees leverage their expertise in financial services to help innovative social enterprise and community partners expand their reach and impact.

As the economy recovers, much of the growth is often channeled toward reviving commercial corridors and downtowns in U.S. cities. As a result, many disadvantaged neighborhoods are being left behind. To help address this challenge, in 2016 JPMorgan Chase launched Partnerships for Raising Opportunity in Neighborhoods (PRO Neighborhoods), a $125 million, five-year philanthropic initiative to support and catalyze locally driven solutions for revitalizing distressed neighborhoods across the United States. PRO Neighborhoods is focusing on:

  • Catalyzing collaboration among community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to accelerate and magnify their impact.
  • Providing seed capital for affordable housing to increase the amount of housing for those most in need.
  • Investing in data to help communities understand the most urgent problems and develop specific solutions.

JPMorgan Chase actively seeks to use the most important asset we have – the expertise and commitment of our employees— to maximize the impact of our philanthropic investments and help our nonprofit partners expand and better serve their communities. We strive to develop innovative programs that use our core strengths, capabilities and expertise of our business and our people to maximize impact.

Good Works’ Volunteer Programs

Employees collaborating on a project

Each year, tens of thousands of JPMorgan Chase employees volunteer their time and expertise to help nonprofit organizations and people in underserved neighborhoods.

The JPMorgan Chase Field Service Corps, our signature skills-based volunteer program, embeds teams of top talent employees in a nonprofit for 3 full weeks to help solve a strategic business problem. This program utilizes employees’ talents and expertise to build the capacity of nonprofits that are meeting critical needs in communities. Since 2013, hundreds of employees from more than 12 different countries have participated in Field Service Corps programs in Chicago Detroit, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, London, New Orleans and Mumbai.

In 2015, we expanded this program to create a remote and part-time version of the Field Service Corps called the Virtual Service Corps. Volunteering in cross-functional teams, Virtual Service Corps members spend a few hours each week deploying their professional skills to help even more of the firm’s nonprofit partners with business strategy, marketing, operations, human resources, and finance or technology challenges.

Good Works’ Workplace Giving Program

Hands together shapping a heart.

JPMorgan Chase supports our employees’ eligible philanthropic giving by deepening the impact of each gift. Through the Good Works’ workplace giving program, employees have the opportunity to donate to a charity of their choice through Good Works’ secure portal. For every dollar donated, up to $1,000, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation will honor that donation by providing a dollar-for-dollar credit to employees in a Charitable Spending Account. Doubling the value of an employee’s initial gift, the dollar-for-dollar credit can be used to “pay it forward” to firm-approved charitable organizations.

In the U.K., Small Change is a voluntary J.P Morgan initiative that makes it easy for permanent U.K.-based employees to automatically donate to the firm's chosen beneficiary charity.

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