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Sound financial health is the foundation on which strong and resilient households, communities and economies are built.

Our company is committed to helping people make the most of their money. We use our unique data, expertise, market access and capital to create affordable, innovative products and services that promote financial health by helping our customers manage daily finances, withstand unexpected emergencies and meet their long-term financial goals.

Far too many people around the world lack the tools and resources to successfully manage their financial lives. That’s why, building on our previous efforts that have helped more than 7 million people improve their financial health, we have made a five-year, $125 million commitment to help underserved communities increase savings, build credit, reduce debt and achieve their financial goals. Though this commitment, we are identifying, developing and expanding fintech solutions, personalized services and financial coaching programs.

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Our Approach



We’re helping customers take steps to reach their goals – from starting an account, to saving and investing. Every step matters to help people become financially strong and more resilient and able to weather the unexpected.



We’re investing in innovative fintech solutions and financial coaching models – by collaborating with hundreds of community organizations and research institutions around the world – to improve the financial well-being of underserved people and lower-income households.



We’re committed to advancing the financial well-being of our employees through financial wellness campaigns and programs that help them prepare for retirement and save for financial goals like buying a home or supporting their family’s college education.

Promoting Financial Health Through Technology

Organizations around the world are leveraging technology to drive innovation that will improve financial health for all households. We are investing in identifying, developing and scaling fintech solutions that serve the needs of low-income consumers across the U.S. and around the world.

United States

The Financial Solutions Lab is an initiative managed by the Financial Health Network that supports promising innovations to help Americans increase savings, improve credit and build assets.


Through the Catalyst Fund, we are supporting early stage financial inclusion social entrepreneurs in emerging markets that offer breakthrough technology innovations to promote financial health globally.

Additionally, the Financial Inclusion Lab, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad’s Centre for Innovation Incubation (IIMA-CIIE) and MicroSave, addresses the unique financial needs of people in India.

Stories & Insights

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