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Technology for Social Good

Fostering innovation and providing opportunities for our people to use their technology expertise to give back to their communities.

Our Programs

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  • Code for Good

    24-hour coding challenges for students to showcase their skills, work side by side with our employees, and solve real-world problems for social good organizations.

  • Force for Good

    Employees utilize and foster new skills to build technological solutions for social good organizations over 6-8 months.

  • Youth Programs

    Programs that aim to inspire children ages 5-18 through a variety of technology opportunities—including education, coding and mentorship.

  • Tech Connect

    A multi-week training program focused on welcoming under-represented talent who have technical acumen but need deeper coding experience to join the technology workforce at JPMorgan Chase.

  • Alternative Pipelines

    A collection of programs that provide access to diverse talent who are skilled and qualified, but may not be in the traditional talent pipeline.

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Our Stories

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