Environmental, social & governance (ESG) considerations are integrated into the policies and principles that govern our business and reflect our commitment to sustainable growth. Our goal is to provide transparency and clarity about our position on these topics. View our 2018 ESG Report and GRI Index for more information. Past reports can be found here.

Environmental Social & Governance Report

JPMorgan Chase manages a broad range of ESG matters. This report provides information about our approach to and performance on ESG matters that we and our stakeholders view as among the most important to our business.

2018 ESG Report
2018 GRI Index

Annual Report and Proxy Statement

Includes the Chairman and CEO’s letter to shareholders, consolidated financial statements and Management’s discussion and analysis

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Corporate Governance Principles and Board Committees

Describes the function, composition and committee responsibilities of the Firm’s Board of Directors

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Business Principles

Describes the principles guiding how we do business

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View How We Do Business - The Report

Corporate Responsibility

Provides information about the Firm's Corporate Responsibility initiatives, including Global Philanthropy, Military and Veterans, the Global Cities Initiative, Sustainability and Social Finance

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Provides information about the Firm's approach to sustainability in our business and operations

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TCFD Climate Report
Environmental and Social Policy Framework
View Equator Principles Report

Policy Engagement and Political Participation

Describes the Firm’s policies and disclosures with respect to trade associations and political contributions

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Code of Conduct

Describes the Firm’s commitment to business integrity and key policies and principles with respect to confidential information, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, avoiding conflicts and reporting concerns

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Code of Ethics for Finance Professionals

Describes obligations and expectations for ethical conduct from the Firm’s finance professionals

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Commitment to Anti-Corruption Compliance

Provides information about the Firm’s Anti-Corruption Policy and Program

Commitment to Anti-Corruption Compliance

Diversity & Inclusion

Provides information about the Firm’s commitment to promote a diverse and inclusive work environment, including key diversity statistics

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Human Rights

Provides information about the Firm’s commitment to human rights across our business and operations

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View U.K. Modern Slavery Act Group Statement

Supplier Information

Provides information about supplier diversity, supplier code of conduct and other supplier policies

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Sustainable Investing

Provides information about J.P. Morgan Asset and Wealth Management’s approach to sustainable investing

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Management of Conflicts of Interest

Describes the Firm’s process to identify and manage actual, potential and perceived conflicts of interest in accordance with an established framework

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