A deeply engaged Board of Directors is vital to our Firm’s success, and our directors bring a strong combination of experience and expertise to that role. The Board and management seek to build upon our 200-year foundation of integrity in leading the Firm forward.

Our Board is a balanced and diverse group of leaders and is highly independent and well equipped to carry out its functions as a governing body on behalf of stockholders.

The Board’s Corporate Governance Principles and the charters of the Board’s principal standing committees are set out below. Together, these form the framework for governance of the Firm at the Board Level.

The Board's Corporate Governance Principles and committee charters reflect New York Stock Exchange listing standards as well as regulatory requirements, and they rest on a foundation of long-standing governance principles of the Firm and its predecessors. The Board recognizes that governance principles will continue to evolve in the future and that the Board should continue to re-evaluate them from time to time in light of changing circumstances.

Corporate Governance Principles of the Board

In performing its role, the Board of Directors is guided by the Corporate Governance Principles which establish a framework for the governance of the Board and the management of our Firm.

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Board Committees

The Board as a whole is responsible for the oversight of management on behalf of the Firm’s stockholders. The Board accomplishes its functions acting directly and through its committees.

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Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics for Finance Professionals

Our integrity and reputation depend on our ability to do the right thing, even when it's not the easy thing.

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Policy Engagement and Political Participation

We engage with policymakers in order to advance and protect the long-term interests of the Firm and its constituents.

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Environmental, Social and Governance Information

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are integrated into the policies and principles that govern our business and reflect our commitment to sustainable growth. Our goal is to provide transparency and clarity about our position on these topics.

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